Saturday, 1 December 2007

Shrimp skins

After losing three of my four adult shrimp, I was rather concerned when I started finding what looked to be dead juveniles. In the first few cases, I noticed that they seemed rather thin and insubstantial, but after a while I concluded that they were probably shed carapaces, rather than dead shrimp.

That said, some amount of juvie mortality is to be expected. I'm still thrilled with the fact that I ended up with at least a dozen offspring, despite the fact that the tank was very unsuitable for shrimp when they first hatched; the initial setup included a female platy and an unprotected filter intake. On the other hand, the filter box may have provided a refuge/nursery for the young shrimp - since the filter pad was very dirty and the flow was only moderate, it might have been a perfect, food-rich environment for them. Makes me curious how well they tolerate the water flow and whether light is important for their development...

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