Friday, 23 March 2007

Otocinclus pictures

This is a picture of the only survivor of the first set of Otocinclus. It was the largest of the group, which may mean that it had more reserves to make it through the transition, or simply that it was the healthiest of the group. It's entirely possible that the fish weren't that healthy to begin with, and that it wasn't the food supply in the tank or something else I was doing wrong. On the other hand, it may be entirely my fault.

This is the larger of the new Otocinclus. This fish has a pronounced hunchback. Not the normal sort of "sick fish" hunchback, but there is a distinct bend in the front of his spine. Not exactly a good sign (the problem with buying fish at Petsmart is the difficulty in saying "I want that fish"), but the fish seems active. He's also willing to swim among the corys and forage on the bottom of the tank.

Finally, this blurry picture is in response to this comment... an Otocinclus eating spinach.

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