Saturday, 21 April 2007

Empty nest?

Looks like the Macropodus nest is empty. I didn't see anything in there this morning. Linz mentioned that the male didn't seem to be doing a very good job of keeping the eggs in the nest either. Oddly, he still seems to be defending the nest.

Update: Turns out that I was wrong - there were actually quite a few fry in the nest. So will the male Macropodus eat the fry tomorrow? Should I leave the lights on tonight, so that he doesn't have to gather up so many fry (and end up "forgetting" to return them to the nest like last time), or should I switch the lights off and maybe give a few of the fry a chance to escape into the vegetation, which is now considerably more dense than it was last weekend (thanks to the plants I got from Bob)?

Update II: As of Monday morning, there are still quite a few fry around. Most of them have left the remnants of the nest and are on the underside of a large Echinodorus leaf that's floating on the surface of the tank. While the male Macropodus was still defending his portion of the tank, I couldn't tell if he was doing anything to "manage" the babies.

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