Sunday, 26 August 2007

Macropodus: The Next Generation

To serve as a nitrogen source (and create some circulation in the plant tank), I added a few of the baby Macropodus from the breeding tank. A quick pass netted four fish - the largest one, a male, and three smaller ones that appear to have been females. Once he realised that he was the biggest male in the tank, the male Macropodus got to work nest-building and displaying at the females. On Saturday, after less than a week in the tank, he had a fairly large nest. Over the course of the evening he and the largest female have started mating. Although they are still rather small, they appear to be successfully producing eggs - perhaps 3-5 of them are visible floating around after most of their "rolls". While for rather obvious reasons I don't want any more Macropodus (I still have about 30 of them in the breeding tank), it's still pretty cool to see the fish you bred breed.

On a more focussed note, the plants seem to be growing quite well. The light intensity is high enough (at least on one end to the tank) to produce reddish foliage. There has also been noticeable growth over the last week. It really suggests that what I need most in the main tank is better lighting.

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