Sunday, 2 September 2007

Major changes

Saturday saw major upheavals in the world of my tanks.

I have wanted to reduce my platy population for months, and I am (obviously) overrun with Macropodus. For a long while now Linz promised a friend of hers both platies and Macropodus, but never remembered to drop them off. At last today we did just that. So we managed a substantial reduction in the population in the big tank. To celebrate that change, I went out and bought a few neon tetras. Hopefully they can handle the water conditions in there (the water is too hard and too alkaline for their liking, quite honestly) - I got 5, I'm hoping at least 3 survive. I'm hoping to keep five (or more) of them, but I really don't want fewer than 3.

When the angels caught sight of the neons it's obvious that they thought "food!" It was interesting to see them hunt - since all four of them moved in on the neons, they were kinda cornered. Luckily, the neons are really too big to be food for these angels, otherwise I would have had to get them out of there, quickly. I also moved the pair of Macropodus out of the plant tank into the main tank, where hopefully (a) they will stop breeding, and (b) they will grow up a bit (so I can find a good home for them). There are a few fry swimming around in the plant tank - you never know, with all that algae, there may be something for them to feed on in there. (I rather doubt the Otocinclus will hunt them).

In other news: I got new bulbs for the main tank. They are supposed to provide a better spectrum for plant growth. But the problem isn't only spectrum, it's total light availability. I also got a bag full of brine shrimp at the pet store today - fully grown brine shrimp. The fish loved them, especially the young Macropodus in the breeding tank.

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