Monday, 19 November 2007

Equipment maintenance

Over time, I noticed that the water flow on my filters declined. In the case of the Macropodus tank, I wasn't too concerned - quite frankly, it's easier to ignore that tank than it is to stress about the fact that there are 40 fish I don't want (but don't know how to get rid up) taking up one of my tanks. Then I noticed that the biowheels on my main tank wouldn't turn. I cleaned the filters, I cleaned the intake, but nothing seemed to work. If anything, things got worse. Finally, I noticed the water flow decline on the plant tank. That started to bother me - the filter was only a few months old. Was the motor burning out already?

Finally, I decided to take it apart and clean it properly. Only when I took it apart, and then looked at the set-up and maintenance instructions, did I realise what the problem was. It was amazingly easy to do. The next day I did the same for the other tanks, and I was amazed at the water flow in the main tank. I had totally forgotten what it was like.

Of course, a few seconds on google could have told me that I needed to do that. Oh well...

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