Wednesday, 28 February 2007


So, as usual, I start off with a burst of energy, but it isn't sustained. It's been over a week since I last posted...after starting off with many posts a day. On the other hand, I have to ask myself why I am bothering to write - thanks to the sitemeter, it's obvious that I am just writing for myself. With zero readers it's pretty pointless.

So anyway, to update on what's happened - a lot. I continue to have health problems with the platies. I took two more of them out this past week, put them in the small tank and dosed them with Melafix. The female died, the male, who was in much worse condition, seems "fine" as you can be when you are missing a chunk out of your tail fin anyway. The rest of the platies in the main tank seem ok...the big male keeps getting bigger and keeps bullying all the others. The babies (14 at last count) keep getting bigger too.

I moved the male fighter into the breeding box in the main tank, so I could use his tank as a hospital tank. After a few days I let him out into the main tank where he chased every other fish around for a while...and then settled down, but kept following the female around. Eventually things went badly again, she ended up with bloody fins, and he was back in isolation. Unsurprisingly, she hangs around his box all the time.

The 3 surviving pandas seem to be doing well. They aren't as boisterous as the other corys, but they will school with them from time to time. And the latest additions to the tank are four baby angels. They are a lot of fun. They are really cool fish.

Now I need another tank ;) I need to do something to reduce the platy overpopulation, and maybe to do something about the sex ratios (the five remaining adult platies in the main tank include three males and two females. I should really remove two of the males...that would leave the 2:1 (females to males) sex ratio that they recommend. I wonder how a males-only tank would get on - whether they would still bully each other if there aren't any females to fight over...

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Jake said...

well...i think this is a very informative blog=] i recently got back into owning some little fishies since my last fish and i didnt kno anything about my new bottom feeder and the colorful fish i just got until now so thank you=]