Sunday, 11 February 2007


Yesterday I decided to buy a female fighter and add her to the tank. I figured a female or two should be ok in the tank, and that I could buy a male later on. We were unable to decide between two of them, so I figured I would get both of them. Once we got them home I realised the flaw in my plan - the platy fry. While the fry are large enough to escape their parents (and the cory's don't seem very interested in them one way or the other), they are still snack sized for a small fighter. So we ended up putting the two fighters in the old fighter tank this morning...and realised that we don't have two females - we have a female and a short-finned male. At first she seemed interested - getting vertical bars and then went deep red. But then the male started to attack her, and she went pale. After a while she was almost colourless and then I saw some damage to her fins, and what appears to be blood. We took her out, put her back in the cup we bought her in, and floated her in the aquarium. Not sure what to do next.

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