Monday, 12 February 2007


As of this evening (prior to the water change) we appear to have 12, maybe 13 fry. It's quite a difference from the two or three I initially thought survived. A few days ago I was thrilled with four fry. Now there are a dozen.

I'm really impressed with the fry. They have real personality, real spunk. It's one thing to see them grab a piece of flake food the size of their head. It's even more impressive when they go after the Cory food. The Cory food sinks, obviously, and the platies are as eager to go for it as anyone. It's one thing when the adults grab at it, or try to approach the (far larger) Corys to grab a bit. It's even more impressive when a platy fry finds an untended piece of food and take a bit of something more than five times their size.

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