Monday, 21 January 2008


Thanks to my new pictures, Ian Fuller has opined that my corys (pictured in the previous post) are probably Cw008, not C041 based on the fact that the C041 has a deeper body and the sexes have almost the same pattern. The difference in pattern made me wonder at one point whether these were the same species, but their behaviour suggests that they are. At first, when I had three species among four fish (though I didn't realise it at the time), they tended to hang out together. When I added the pandas, the old ones still kept to themselves. Adding the [still unknown C. agassizii/C. ambiacus/C. melanistius/C. delphax/C. surinamensis or maybe something else] still didn't change behaviour in a huge way. But adding the C. trilineatus changed things - now all the corys are out fairly often. Increasingly, even the C. sterbai finds his way into the open. Only the poor lonely old C. aeneus remains hidden most of the time. More than anything else, those two need companions. But breeding the Cw008 would be awfully cool.

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