Saturday, 26 January 2008

OKC fish stores

We took a trip to Oklahoma City to check out a couple LFSs (local fish stores). One of them I didn't like much, the other I really liked. And, when I offered, they said that they would be happy to take my Macropodus, and were willing to offer some store credit in exchange. Not sure I want the store credit - I shouldn't be buying fish right now - but they did have some corys I liked. They had some pandas (Corydoras panda), but they had sold the last of them just a little while before we got there. And considering that we got lost going there, if we had been a little quicker, we might have made it there in time, had we not gotten lost.

If we can get rid of the Macropodus, I'd really like to try to breed either the pandas or the Cw008s.

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