Friday, 4 January 2008


Having lost several fish over the holidays, I took the opportunity to add a few new ones. While I was interested in adding something new in world of characins, nothing of that sort caught my eye. I was tempted by a few barbs and some Rams, nothing really jumped out at me until I noticed some "spotted" corys in a tank (Corydoras trilinetus-type). There were four in there, so I decided to buy the lot.

Once I brought them home and released them into my tank*, they brought my resident corys to life. Adding some food helped, but the addition of smaller, younger, more active fish brought the whole tribe into action.

I saw at least three of my original four corys, and the five newer ones (two panda corys, two unknowns). I also saw both of my Otocinclus, and at least two of my kuhli loaches. So while I lost the angels, the fighter, my three neon tetras and a few Macropodus (0-2 males and 1-2 females), things look better than I initially thought. On the other hand, the plant tank seems empty - there seem to be a lot less than 9 pygmy corys, though the fact that they have moved from their original congregation spot makes it difficult to figure out how many there are.

*Yes, I realise that given my recent experiences I should have instituted a strict quarantine system. But, at this stage, I find it hard to care too much.

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